Historical Background

The Lebanese house was established in 1977 in the historical city , Jerash, which is 40 KM north of Amman. It was founded by a Lebanese woman, Antoinette Rami, she was known as “Um Khalil” to the Jordanian people.

Jerash is internationally acknowledged as one of the best preserved province cities of the Roman Empire, tourist come from all over the world to see its monuments. The Lebanese house is located near the monuments; it is one of the oldest restaurants in Jordan. Its location has grabbed the attention of local and international families that it even became a tradition to regularly visit the restaurant especially during holidays and weekends

The Lebanese house is specialized in Lebanese cuisine. It offers a wide range of delicacies accompanied with exceptional Lebanese service and Arab hospitality. The restaurant has attracted eminent, famous and historical figures from all over the world such as his majesty king Hussein, king of Jordan and Nelson Mandela, the president of the Republic of South Africa. We also hosted his Majesty King Abdulla and his wife, her Majesty queen Rania of Jordan, her Majesty queen of Holland, MR. Kofee Anan, MR. William Burnes and many more.

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